The Any Qualified Provider (AQP) system on Supply2Health is now closed.

Commissioners will be sent copies of their data by the end of March 2014.

Please read this information about the changes to AQP Support for 2014-15 [UPDATED with FAQs]

Supply2Health is closing and will be replaced by Contracts Finder Please note that from Friday 21st March, no further adverts can be placed on Supply2Health and all current adverts will be available read only.

All Supply2Health adverts will be added to Contracts Finder by Friday 28th March and you will be able to search and update them from there.

You should now start to use Contracts Finder to place all adverts which you would have done on Supply2Health.

To use Contracts Finder you need to register, please use the link below;

There are a number of support guides to help you when using Contracts Finder, which can be found here;

NHS Supply2Health is an online resource that advertises opportunities to provide Part B clinical services commissioned by the NHS in England. 


You will also be able to find details on this site of contracts that have been awarded.

NHS Supply2Health lets you 

  • search for opportunities for Part B clinical services announced by NHS service commissioners in England
  • find information about NHS contracts awarded for Part B clinical services in England

Supply2Health only covers Part B clinical services.  For more information about this and about non-Part B services please see Other resources.

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